Collegeville Workshop 2021

Coming together to advance understanding of scientific software teams

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What makes RSEs unique members of a software team?

Teatime Theme - Collegeville 2021

Charles Ferenbaugh, Los Alamos National Laboratory Jeffrey C. Carver, University of Alabama Ian Cosden, Princeton University Sandra Gesing, University of Notre Dame Daniel S. Katz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In the past decade, Research Software Engineers (RSEs) have become increasingly recognized as contributors to scientific software projects, even though their role has been in existence (often unrecognized) for many years before that. What unique contributions can RSEs bring to software teams and communities? Is the recent increase in recognition an indication of the increasing importance? What’s the future of RSEs as part of research software development teams?

In general, RSEs can be a bridge between the two worlds of research and software engineering:

In this teatime discussion, the authors will lead a discussion around experiences (good, bad, and perceived) with RSEs as part of teams developing research software. All RSEs out there, or those who work with RSEs, or those who are just curious, are welcome to join in!

Resources: US RSE Association International RSE association sites