2019 Collegeville Workshop on Sustainable Scientific Software (CW3S19)

CW3S brings community members together to advance scientific software sustainability

This project is maintained by Collegeville

Workshop Goals and Format


The goal of this workshop is to bring together community leaders and practitioners in scientific software for the purpose of identifying the challenges and priority research direction for improving the sustainability of scientific software. We want to explore, characterize and articulate scientific software practices from industry, research labs and academia and identify common requirements and essential differences in these communities.

We will write a workshop report to describe our findings and articulate research priorities that will advance the sustainability of scientific software, especially toward better usability across industry, lab and academic institutions. We anticipate that the diverse experience of the workshop attendees will lead to a deeper awareness and understanding of how the represented communities can benefit from collaboration, coordination and complementarity.


We will start and end the workshop with informal social sessions intended to foster communication and interactions among attendees, especially for the purpose of understanding commonalities and differences across the diverse communities represented by attendees. Tuesday and Wednesday will include plenary sessions. The first day will focus on challenges to improving sustainability; the second day on potential strategies for improvement. For a full workshop experience, please plan to arrive on campus on Monday, July 22, prior to the 7 pm evening informal discussions and depart on Thursday morning, July 25. Snacks and beverages will be available each evening.