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Artifact Description: [Paper Title]

Provided only with the final submission: [Author Name] [Department] [Institution] [Email] [Phone]

Artifact Description appendix:

Instructions: This form enables authors to provide information about their computing environment using a common format. Details can be entered in this form, or pointers can be provided to online information. With a few noted exceptions, completion of the form elements is optional, as appropriate for the environment used to produce the computational results. If the paper contains no computational results, the abstract should state this, and the rest of the form omitted.

Objective: Use this template to produce a 1 – 2 page appendix for your submission.

Resource: While not an identical type of form, the Artifact Evaluation for Computer Systems Research Guide does provide useful guidance for providing the information requested below.

Examples of Artifact Descriptions:

The SC16 Proceedings ( contains 9 papers with Artifact Descriptions (see end pages of each paper). Three (marked with *) were finalists for the SC17 Student Cluster Competition. Hoehnerback, et. al. (marked with ^) won.

All papers display the "Artifacts Available" badge.

– Remove the above section before submitting –

A. Artifact Description Appendix: [Paper Title] Submission and reviewing guidelines and methodology:

A.1 Abstract Obligatory for all papers for which this appendix is submitted, even if the paper contains no computational results. If no results are present in the paper, you can state “This paper contains no computational results.”

A.2 Description

A.2.1 Check-list (artifact meta information) Fill in whatever is applicable with some informal keywords and remove the rest

A.2.2 How software can be obtained (if available) Obligatory if the paper contains computational results.

A.2.3 Hardware dependencies

A.2.4 Software dependencies

A.2.5 Datasets

A.3 Installation Obligatory if the paper contains computational results.

A.4 Experiment workflow Obligatory if the paper contains computational results.

A.5 Evaluation and expected result Obligatory if the paper contains computational results.

A.6 Experiment customization

A.7 Notes