Collegeville Workshop 2022

Coming together to advance understanding of scientific software design

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Contribute to Collegeville 2022

Any member of the computational science and engineering community who has an interest in improving scientific software design is encouraged to submit content to build the program of Collegeville 2022.

While we welcome any relevant contribution to the software design theme,

We are particularly interested in contributions that draw from software design experiences, no matter how formal or informal your design processes are. Often the structures and dynamics of scientific software design are not clearly documented. We also are interested in design approaches that address the software ecosystem, in addition to those that address specific software products. We strongly encourage participants to reflect on how their design processes are organized and operate, and submit content for the workshop in any of the formats listed below. By sharing your design experience, you will help build community awareness about how we can understand and improve scientific software design.

We also enthusiastically welcome contributions on conceptual models that can help attendees better understand how software design can be improved.

We welcome the following contributions:

Contribution Submission Date Description
White paper June 24 A brief document articulating impediments, challenges, opportunities or potential solutions in the design of scientific software. Note: We have arranged for select authors of white papers to expand their paper as a peer-reviewed article for a special issue of Computing in Science and Engineering (CiSE). Details available soon.
Recorded presentation June 24 - July 15 We will accept short recorded presentations on content selected from some of the submitted white papers. If your white paper content would make a good presentation for the workshop, we will contact you to inquire if you are interested in this opportunity.
Teatime theme July 15 A topic related to software design for open discussion during teatime. If your teatime theme is accepted, you would facilitate a small group discussion on the theme during the July 26 – 28 workshop.
Poster July 15 A PDF or interactive webpage that will be the focus of small group discussion during teatime. If your poster is accepted, you would facilitate a small group discussion during the July 26 – 28 workshop.
Watch party July 15 - 22 Participants can host a watch party for one or more of the workshop video recordings. Given the increasing number of recorded and available talks online, these watch parties can become regular occasions for sharing recent research and ideas, much like a reading group. More information on watch parties and their post-workshop sustenance is available on this page.
Panelists & Keynote July 26 - 28 During the workshop dates of July 26 – 28, we will host a live keynote and plenary panel discussions with Q&A as the first events each day. We are limited to just a few panelists and one keynote each day and will invite people based on their white paper submission and the diversity of viewpoint for the theme of the day. We will contact panelist and keynote candidates to inquire if you are interested in this opportunity. The panel and keynote sessions will be recorded and available after the workshop.

All submissions will be reviewed by the organizing committee for possible acceptance to the workshop program

White paper guidelines and submission

Poster guidelines and submission

Teatime theme guidelines and submission