Collegeville Workshop 2021

Coming together to advance understanding of scientific software teams

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2021 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software Teatime Themes

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Teatime Theme Date (3 - 4:30 pm CDT)
Chue Hong, Neil & Cowan, Ben: Software Team Anti-Patterns, or: A time for us to complain about our jobs and still be completely professional. July 20
Lofstead, Jay: Integrating Interns into Research Teams July 20
Willenbring, Jim: A Team of One July 20
Random challenges themes: Bring your own software team challenges theme July 20
Fadel, Nur: Applied agile: adapting frameworks to your team’s need July 21
Raybourn, Elaine and Mundt, Miranda: Incentivizing Software Quality Practices July 21
Trumbo, Derek, and Milewicz, Reed: Toward a Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement within RSE Teams July 21
Willenbring, Jim and Milewicz, Reed: Different types of teams and associated benefits and challenges July 21
Random technical themes: Bring your own software team technical theme July 21
Brown, Jed: Forming team strategy without central control July 22
Dubey, Anshu: When a member of the team wants more process than others July 22
Ferenbaugh, C., Carver, J., Cosden, I., Gesing, S., and Katz, D.: What makes RSEs unique members of a software team? July 22
Gupta, Rinku: The role of culture and diverse cultural backgrounds in producing effective high-functioning teams July 22

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