Scribe Project
Effective Writing

Welcome to the Collegeville Scribe Project.

Scribe is dedicated to promoting and teaching effective (technical) writing. You will find resources for learning the tools of technical writing (specially the LaTeX writing environment) and best practices in effective writing. While the content here is particularly focused on writing for science, engineering and other technical fields, it can be valuable to anyone who wants to learn efficient, compact writing skills.

Enough Words, No More

A major focus of the Scribe Project is clear writing through the repeated practice of reducing word count, while still conveying essential meaning. Compact writing enables clear expression and readability.


Scribe provides the following instruction modules:

Authors and Contributors

This site is developed and maintained by Michael Heroux @maherou with assistance from Duong Do @duongdo27 and Jim Willenbring @jwillenbring.

Its content is used as part of a Computer Science capstone course in research methodologies at the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University in rural Collegeville, Minnesota.