Collegeville Workshop 2021

Coming together to advance understanding of scientific software teams

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2021 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software Whitepapers

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All White Papers:

List of papers:

  1. Adams, Mark, Brown, J, Balay, J., Eijkhout, V., Faibussowitsch, J., Kong, F., Knepley, M., Kruger, S., Marin, O., Mills, R. T., Munson, T., Sanan, P., Smith, B. F., Zhang, H., Zhang, H., and Zhang, J.: The Community is the Infrastructure: A Short Discussion of the PETSc Community - DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.16523043
  2. Adamson, Ryan, Malviya-Thakur, A.: Perspectives on Operationalizing Scientific Software
  3. Chue Hong, Neil P.; Bluteau, Matthew; Lamprecht, Anna-Lena; and Peng, Zedong: A Framework for Understanding Research Software Sustainability - DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4988277
  4. Cohoon, Johanna, Du, Caifan, Howison, James: The Challenges of Transitioning to Peer Production
  5. Heroux, Michael A.: A Light-weight Model for Small Scientific Software Teams - DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5034737
  6. Katz, Daniel S.; Barker, Michelle; Chue Hong, Neil P.; Castro, Leyla Jael; Martinez, Paula Andrea: The FAIR4RS team: Working together to make research software FAIR - DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5037157
  7. Lofstead, Jay: Effectively Integrating Interns Into ResearchTeams
  8. Malviya-Thakur, Addi, Watson, G. R.: Dynamics of Scientific Software Teams
  9. Martinez-Ortiz, Carlos, Bahkshi, R., Dzigan, Y., Renaud, N., Diblen, F., Weel, B., van Meersbergen, M., Drost, N.: Structured and Unstructured Teams for Research Software Development at the Netherlands eScience Center
  10. Moxley, Jacob and Milewicz, R.: Encouraging pride in the tools we use
  11. Raybourn, Elaine M.: It’s Not the Whiteboard We Missed, It’s How It Made Us Feel
  12. Wunrow, Han Yong, Milewicz, R., Raybourn, E. M.: Towards a Data-Driven Understanding of Cross-team Collaboration
  13. Yang, Ulrike M., Balos, C., Luszczek, P., Osborn, S., Willenbring, J.: Challenges of and Opportunities for a Large Diverse Software Team

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