Collegeville Workshop 2020

CW20 brings community members together to advance developer productivity for scientific software

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2020 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software Whitepapers

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List of papers:

  1. Anzt, Hartwig and Cojean, Terry: Prioritizing Platform Portability for Scientific Libraries - Video
  2. Bartlett, Roscoe: Restoring productivity through the advanced usage of Git - Video
  3. Bartlett, Roscoe, Frye, Joseph, Harvey, Evan: Improved productivity through standardized configurations and testing of Trilinos on advanced platforms - Video
  4. Carver, Jeffrey and Eisty, Nasir: Peer Code Review for Scientific Software - Video
  5. Chandrasekaran, Sunita: Scientific Software Productivity 1. Case studies, Challenges, Opportunities and Potential Solutions - Video
  6. Du, C. Fan and Howison, James: An Ecosystem Perspective of Scientific Software Developer Productivity - Video
  7. Dubey, Anshu: When Not to use Agile in Scientific Software Development - Video
  8. Dyadechko, Vadim: The Art of Serving HPC Products to Business while they are still hot - Video
  9. Eisty, Nasir and Carver, Jeffrey: Testing Scientific Software - Video
  10. Ellingwood, Nathan and Rajamanickam, Sivasankaran: Practices and Challenges of Software Development for a Performance Portable Ecosystem - Video
  11. Finkel: The Many Faces of the Productivity Challenge in Scientific Software - Video
  12. Frye, J.: Module Systems and Developer Productivity
  13. Gamblin, Todd: Software Integration Challenges - Video
  14. Gates J., Frye J., Perschbacher B., Vigil D.: Git Productive! - Video
  15. Gates J., Braun J., Collins D.: One Script to Rule Them All: Unifying Build Processes Across Platforms - Video
  16. Gesing, Sandra: Increasing Developer Productivity by Assigning Well-Defined Roles in Teams - Video
  17. Gunter, Dan, and Beattie, Keith: Useful Practices for Software Engineering on Medium-sized Distributed Scientific Projects - Video
  18. Gupta, Rinku, McInnes, Lois C.:A Community Invitation:, a platform for sharing information about scientific software productivity and sustainability
  19. Heroux, M., Willenbring, J., Shende, S., Coti, C., Spear, W., Peyralans, L., Skutnik, J. and Keever, E. : E4S: Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack - Video
  20. Huebl, Axel: Working with Multiple Package Managers
  21. Katz, Daniel S., Chard, K., Badia, Rosa M., and Ejarque, Jorge: A common workflow registry of compute endpoints and applications - Video
  22. Lehr, JP, Maric, T., Bothe, D. and Bischof, C.: Increasing the quality of (academic) scientific software - Video
  23. Leung, Mary Ann and Rouson, Damian with McInnes, Lois C.
  24. Levine, Aaron and Willenbring, James: Navigating the Rapids: Creating a Continuous Integration System for GitHub and Jenkins - Video
  25. Luszczek, Piotr: Productivity, Portability, and Performance: Pick any two in Uncertain Hardware Landscape? - Video
  26. Miller, Mark: SRE+UXDD to Improve Productivity of Customer Support Processes - Video
  27. Milewicz, Reed: Towards Evidence-Based Practice in Scientific Software Development - Video
  28. Mundt, M., Levine, A. and Siirola, J.: Overcoming Productivity Plateaus: A Story of Automation Tools and Developer Productivity - Video
  29. Raybourn, Elaine: Why We Need Strategies for Working Remotely - Video
  30. Smith, Spencer and Carette, Jacques: Long-term Productivity for Long-term Impact
  31. Sochat, Vanessa: Developer productivity means developer happiness - Video
  32. Sochat, Vanessa: Future wants for remote software engineering - Video
  33. Willenbring J., Milewicz R.: Moving Forward Together: How a Software Engineering Department Can Impact Developer Productivity in a Research Organization - Video
  34. Windus, T., Nash, J., and Richard, R.: Scientific Software Developer Productivity Challenges from the Molecular Sciences
  35. Woods, J., Baker, M., Thavappiragasam, M., Sedova, A., Hernandez, O., Sarkar, V.: Using Python for Improved Productivity in HPC and Data Science Applications: the Time is Now - Video

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